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New Craft


Caroline Brasch Nielsen in Cover August 2011 by Hasse Nieslen (via Father’s Day @ Mr Kitly)

The largest single artwork ever made, Wrapped Coast was mounted in Little Bay, Sydney, Australia, on October 28, 1969, and remained on view for ten weeks. Christo and Jeanne-Claude, with the assistance of 125 students, teachers, professional climbers, and workers and under the supervision of Major Ninian Melville, retired from the Army Corps of Engineers, wrapped approximately one and a half miles of coast, including cliffs up to 85 feet high, using synthetic fabric and rope. This was the first work in the series of Kaldor Public Art Projects initiated by Australian collector John Kaldor. The project was financed by the sale of Christo’s preparatory drawings, collages, models, and lithographs. In the end, all materials used were removed from the bay and recycled. 
Rebecca Baumann, Smoke Fields (2012) 75 smoke canisters, 4125m3 coloured smoke, electronic igniters 10 minute performance
Photography: Brodie Standen Commissioned for ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’
John Meade, Screw Babs, edition of 50
(via Ben Barretto)
(via MR KITLY — Potheads planter)
Tom Freeman, A piece of wood I held for six months, 2011/2012, pine, 10 x 4 x 2 cm
(via What to Wear / pattern mixing)